Volunteer Project is part of a programme called Global Contact, organized by MS ActionAid Denmark. From Bangladesh, The Earth is the local partner of Global Contact and The Earth is responsible to cooperate and communicate concerning the volunteer program.


Global Contact is a part of MS ActionAid Denmark. As part of Global Contact exchange programme, MS ActionAid Denmark organize global volunteer tours to developing countries – a lifetime experience beyond tourism where volunteers live and work close to the population, expanding  their horizon and self-knowledge.

Global Contact is the leading volunteer programme in Denmark. Every year, Global Contact sends out about a thousand volunteers to 20 different countries in Africa, Asia, Latin American and the Middle East. The projects are unique as they combine education and volunteer work.

The Earth is the local partner of Global Contact from Bangladesh and The Earth is responsible to cooperate and communicate concerning the volunteer program. The Earth is the organisation with whom Global Contact cooperates and communicates concerning the volunteer programme. The contract between these two partner organizations defines the cooperation between Global Contact and the partner organisation, The Earth.

Objectives and Aim of the Project

“Volunteering is an activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or individuals or groups other than (or in addition to) close relatives.”

– The Volunteering Code of Good Practice Home Office, London 2005


The Volunteer programme focuses on collective learning and action by global citizens from diverse countries and cultures. We see the express need of addressing local, national and global problems of poverty, inequity and insecurity.


The objects of the project is to support unprivileged community by volunteerism, and also for the benefit of the community by associating both volunteers and organizations in a common effort to advance education, enhance the environment, protect health, relieve poverty and in furtherance of these objects but not otherwise the Earth shall-

  • To create intercultural exchange, dialogue and break down prejudice between different cultures.
  • Importing experience & expertise from outside the network, both to further its own learning and to contribute to the development of its resource base.
  • By drawing on personal commitment, knowledge and skills, the programme builds the capacity of everyone to act and promote mutual understanding and solidarity with joint actions to solve identified problems, locally and globally.
  • By emphasizing the value of direct contacts of solidarity – in the form of inspirators, advisors and global volunteers – in creating a better and more just world.
  • By inviting to engage in humanitarian projects, participate in meaningful educational exchanges, and enjoy Bangladeshi culture and hospitality
  • Advice and support persons willing to volunteer.
  • Promote volunteering and community involvement.
  • Advice and support organizations which involve and are willing to involve volunteers in their charitable activities.


The goal of global volunteer project is to work in communities, sharing skills and experience with local people and organizations who can use them to help address poverty. Our volunteers work directly with people’s organizations in a sustainable people-to-people approach, with the villagers themselves shaping and providing a focus for our work. Together, we seek to support disadvantaged groups to unite as active citizens with the capacity, confidence and platforms to participate in development.

So far Four Volunteers have worked for the Earth to develop new projects & opportunities.