Project on refugee assistance with young people from Bangladesh, Denmark and Romania

“Growing Together” is a project FGU Hovedstaden launched in 2019 together with “The Earth”,- the local partner from Bangladesh. The project aims to create knowledge about how we best help refugees in DK, Bangladesh and Romania and be an inspiration to the many youth workers in various aid organizations around Europe and Asia.


The investigations took place on a trip to Bangladesh, where 20 young people from FGU Capital were on a 14-day exchange stay alongside with 25 youth of Bangladesh. In addition to Bangladesh’s challenges of poverty and a large population (160 million), the country also houses the world’s largest refugee camp with 1 million Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. This camp gave us the opportunity to visit and gather knowledge about “Best Practices” – ie the best methods to help the refugees integrate.

The studies that will be published in a book in December: “Growing Together – Best practices on social inclusion”, have been developed even more in the month of October, 2021 in Copenhagen, as we have had visits from young people from Bangladesh, Denmark and Romania.

Together they have visited the following aid organizations, all of which have unique suggestions on how we can best help new friends in Denmark who have fled their own country due to war, persecution, poverty or climate catastrophe. The group has visited:

  • Rapolitics
  • the youth Red Cross
  • The compass
  • District mothers
  • Baba
  • The New Danes Association

All organizations have some completely unique methods to help, and the group has now gathered all the material and started a joint writing process, which will be included in the book, which will be published in December.

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