Eager to
Achieve the
Real Thought

Working for utilizing all possible potentials of a community to ensure their better livelihood.

We stand proudly united as one. Together, we’re part of something larger and extraordinary. Our mission is to provide knowledge, resources, and care to support each community to reach its maximum potential and to achieve a greater quality of life.

Sheikh Hasina Youth Volunteer Award 2020

Regional Champion


The Earth Society

Best Innovative Idea

Dhaka OIC Youth Capital 2020

The Earth Society - SHYVA

Our Project

Our Partners

The Earth Society - 1 MoYS
The Earth Society - 2 MoHFW
The Earth Society - 3 MoDMR
The Earth Society - 4 UNDP
The Earth Society - 5 Diversity for Peace
The Earth Society - 6 CRI
The Earth Society - 7 JICA
The Earth Society - 8 Action Aid Den
The Earth Society - 9 CNCRP
The Earth Society - 10 NG
The Earth Society - 11 EMK CENTER
The Earth Society - 12 Co funded by the erasmus
The Earth Society - 13 InterCollege
The Earth Society - 14 The DO School
The Earth Society - 15 FGU
The Earth Society - 16 Climate Parliament
The Earth Society - 17 British Council
The Earth Society - 18 Prokas
The Earth Society - 19 UKaid
The Earth Society - 20 Youth Net
The Earth Society - 21 BMYP

Our Youth Network

Volunteer in Peace Network
0 +
Organizers in Climate Camp
Participants in Movers Programme
0 +
Participation in Growing Together
0 +
youth engagement in SDG Youth Summit

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